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The Great Niggle Nobble – jeu réseaux sociaux et mobile

IAB Creative Showcase winner
FWA mobile of the day

“Enabling people to join in and Nobble broadband Niggles with O2 spells out O2’s performance without falling into the trap of instantly forgettable direct comparison charts.” – Malcolm Poynton, chief creative officer at SapientNitro. Part of the article “Creative panel: the 20 best digital ads of recent years” on marketingweek.com

“A simple fun packed idea, that proves intelligent game play really helps a brand engage over and above normal expectations. Integrating the mobile app with the physical world, adds to its addictive nature.” Simon Gill, executive creative director at LBi

For the launch of their Internet service O2 have decided to battle niggles, such as fake download speed or slow hotline, that make our experience with many providers a total nightmare. With the Niggle Nobble, customers can finally vent their anger and free Britain from the pest by throwing the niggles at O2 stores, where they can be dealt with.

– 20 000 players have joined over 6 weeks
– The Iphone app clocked up over 15 000 downloads
– Some players have nobbled niggles for 12 hours in a row. (Pretty addictive!)