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The donations you can’t miss

As for any purchases, donations tend to be made on an impulse.

The French Red Cross repurpose the codes of promotions to turn a good deal on a first necessity product into a donation. A contactless payment device lets you give the item directly from the poster. You can make a donation on impulse and for once, you can see exactly what your money will be used for.

How does it work?

1 – It starts with a partnership with a retailer brand who would contribute a stock of products at cost price.

2 – Decaux innovation billboard equiped with a contact-less payment device let donators give on the spot.

3 – The Red Cross collects the payments and re-distributes the stocks of products to the ones who need them.



Broken prices to break poverty. 13.90 euro. 1st necessity down jacket at cost price.
Donate this product now to help a refugee through the winter. A small price can make a great gesture.